On 30th October 2018, we found ourselves in the same life-shattering situation as Linda and Steve when we received the news that our daughter Charlotte had died suddenly after arriving in Dubai.

We felt like we were running around in circles for the first few days trying to contact the authorities in Dubai and finding that no one wanted to speak to us.

It’s not a situation that you ever think that you will have to deal with and we were clueless as to what we needed to do.  We were so lucky that Charlotte’s friend lives in Dubai and she did so much running around for us meaning we didn’t need to travel to Dubai but then we were faced with the massive cost of actually bringing Charlotte home.  Again Charlotte’s friends came to the rescue with information about REST.  I contacted Linda and she rang and told us that they would pay to bring Charlotte home.  I can’t even describe the weight that was lifted off our shoulders at that moment.

Linda later told us that Charlotte was the first person that the Charity had helped bring home.  That must have been so hard for her so soon after losing her son Tom especially as Charlotte and Tom were the same age and had both passed in Dubai.  You would never have known though as Linda was so professional which made such a difficult situation to deal with so much easier.

We are so grateful that this Charity exists and that such wonderful people run it.  Thank you again, Linda and Steve.