Fundraising Ideas

Advice, Support And Financial Aid For Families In Wales

Advice, Support And Financial Aid For Families In Wales

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How can you get involved

Sporting Activities

Why not try organising a sports tournament or a fun sports day? What about 5 a side football, table tennis tournament, a golf day, cycle, a run or a walk?

Special occasion celebration

You could ask friends for a donation rather than presents for a birthday, wedding or another special occasion.

Food Events

On 16th October put on an event to celebrate World Food Day. Have a bake-off, arrange a cake sale.

Clothes Swap

Get your friends and family together, bring along that bag of clothes you've been meaning to get rid of and get yourself a whole new wardrobe for the price of a small donation.


Organize a barbeque, summer party or an open gardens event. You could even hold a plant sale!

Craft Class

Get together with friends and family to cut, craft, knit, crochet and stick. You can choose to sell your creations or get people to donate in exchange for teaching them a new skill.

Come dine at mine

Have a dinner party with friends, family or workmates. Get 4 groups of 4 to compete, with everyone putting in £25. The winner from each group of 4 then plays in a grand final with the winner receiving £100 and the rest comes to REST.

Games Night

Dust off your board games or get out your electronic games for a fun afternoon or evening with friends. Charge an entry fee for a tournament or ask for donations.

Quiz Event

A quiz is a classic fundraiser which is adaptable. Why not try a theme? Add in a raffle or a sweepstake to raise even more cash.

Personal challenge

What a about a personal challenge could be making a pledge or giving up chocolate, alcohol or cheese. You could even shave your head or dye your hair a wacky colour. Find something to suit you. Set up a JustGiving page to help you with you fundraising.


What a about a sweepstake? You could hold a sweepstake in the next 6 Nations or World cup.

Physical stuff

What about abseiling, sky dive, or arm wrestling or for those who enjoy a dance danceathon.

Fundraising ideas are endless so get your mind thinking and come up with something different to help raise money for REST